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Using Power Platform Safely in 2024

Covering governance, cybersecurity and AI.


For anyone looking to innovate in Power Platform safely. In this 16 page e-book, you will learn:

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It can be daunting engaging technical assistance into your business. If you were wondering how we typically work with our customers or what partnering with us might look like, this diagram might help. And while no two customers are the same, and we don’t follow this to the note, this gives an overview of a standard CG Tech project flow.


Free 1-hour consultation

Elevate your business with our free 1-hour consultation.


Discovery Workshop

Embark on a journey of innovation with our discovery workshop!


Assessment and Roadmap

Gain clarity and direction with our expert IT assessment and roadmap services.


Implementation and Training

Empowering your business through seamless solution implementation and comprehensive user training.


Maintenance and support

Reliable IT maintenance and support to keep your operations running smoothly.