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Power Platform

Empower Your Business with Microsoft Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate: Where Innovation Meets Productivity.

Microsoft’s Power Platform is your ticket to a streamlined and empowered business environment. 
Imagine effortlessly creating custom business applications tailored to your specific needs without being a coding expert—Power Apps empowers you to do just that with its low-code/no-code approach, saving time and resources.
Need to automate mundane tasks and processes? Power Automate is your reliable companion, orchestrating workflows seamlessly. And when it comes to turning data into actionable insights, Power BI steps in, providing visually compelling analytics to drive informed decisions.
The integration across these tools ensures a cohesive and efficient platform, bringing your ideas to life faster and enabling your organization to thrive in the data-driven digital landscape. With the Power Platform, innovation and productivity are within reach like never before.
It's Time to Power Up

4 Sensational Reasons to Use Power Platform

Drive innovation with our Power Platform implementation and integration services. CG TECH helps empower your business through custom, efficient solutions.
  • 01 Low-Code/No-Code Development

    The Power Platform allows individuals with little to no coding experience to create and deploy business applications. This empowers a broader range of users, including business analysts and subject matter experts, to contribute to app development and customization.

  • 02 Rapid App Development

    Power Platform offers a streamlined development process, enabling the rapid creation of applications, workflows, and automations. This speed-to-market is crucial for businesses looking to quickly adapt to changing requirements and market demands.

  • 03 Integration and Connectivity

    Power Platform seamlessly integrates with various Microsoft and third-party applications, databases, and services. This enables users to connect to a wide array of data sources and systems, consolidating information and improving data-driven decision-making.

  • 04 Business Intelligence and Insights

    Power Platform includes Power BI, a powerful business intelligence tool that allows users to visualize and analyze data, gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making. The integration of Power BI enhances the platform's ability to drive data-driven strategies and actions within an organization.

If your business is already using Power Platform or you’re looking for ways to get more value from Power Platform, then our team can help by performing a health check. 

As part of this health check, our team will provide consulting related to:

  • Recommended data governance policies
  • Streamlining your development cycle
  • Roadmaps for fixing existing issues
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