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Digital Workplaces

Empowering Productivity, Everywhere.

Have you considered that the way you have been doing your role in the past, may not be the most efficient or productive way of doing it? 

Saving documents to a shared drive, wet ink approvals on HR forms, backup files to a separate hard drive, picking up the phone to speak with a colleague in another office/location, hard copy standard operating procedures and posting documents are just some of the old ways of doing your role. 

Creating a digital workplace, and training you how to use it, is one of the many services that CG TECH can offer you. 

Moving your tasks into a digital office will give you back a more efficient and productive business. 

Move your files into a document management system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device. 

Transforming Your Organization

What are some ways to create a digital workplace?

Collaborate with digital technology using any device. Send messages real time, send large files for overview, video calling and even old school dialing a number right from your desktop or mobile phone while using the one application. 


Having access to everything at any time on any device. Locking down specific areas of the business to employees that only need to see or use the content or application.


Linking systems to each other so duplicate data entry is not required.


The CEO wants to know about high level information about the company, whereas other areas only need to see the information that is specific to their area. By having access to custom dashboards, each area of the company can see the productivity of their team.


Manually processing tasks can be partially or fully automated, saving on productivity hours. Automation can be integrated into many systems that you might already have in place.

Work From Anywhere

If you are restricted to only working in the office due to your current systems, move to a digital workplace so you can work from anywhere on any device that has an internet connection.

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