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Powell 365

Enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity within your business

Powell Software specializes in creating cutting-edge software solutions designed to transform the way businesses operate. Their comprehensive suite of products empowers organizations to accelerate digital transformation, boost employee engagement, and stay ahead of the competition. 

Say goodbye to the mundane, static intranets of the past. Powell 365 is a revolutionary digital workplace platform that breathes new life into your company’s intranet. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, customizable templates, and integration capabilities, Powell 365 helps you create a dynamic, engaging, and personalized intranet that adapts to your organization’s needs. 

Unleash Your Workplace Potential

5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Powell

Collaboration is at the heart of modern businesses. Powell Teams takes your Microsoft Teams experience to the next level. It offers enhanced features for organization-wide collaboration, knowledge sharing, and project management. Streamline your workflows, boost team productivity, and foster innovation with Powell Teams. 

  • 01 Unified Digital Hub

    Powell 365 offers a centralized digital workspace where employees can access applications, documents, and communication tools in one place, streamlining access to information.

  • 02 Customizable Intranet

    Users can easily create and customize intranet sites with templates, widgets, and drag-and-drop functionality, allowing for tailored content presentation and branding.

  • 03 Collaboration Tools

    It integrates with Microsoft 365, providing robust collaboration features like document management, team sites, and real-time collaboration with tools like SharePoint and Teams.

  • 04 Mobile Accessibility

    The platform is accessible on mobile devices, enabling employees to stay connected, collaborate, and access information on the go, fostering productivity regardless of location.

Elevate collaboration in your company with our Powell 365 solutions. Our services help clients unleash productivity with tailored digital workplace solutions.
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